Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to the swing of things

Well I'm enjoying a three day weekend (and it's the only one I get till my break for thanksgiving) and exhausted from the first week of school. My schedule is insane, but that's par for the course. I am teaching a total of 13 different classes. I have 9 elementary, high school choir, guitar, middle school band, and high school band. We have two new principals. It started off as a rough week but it is getting better. I had a week of inservice before last week. It's been crazy.
Summer flew by very quickly. As a recap I left Metlakatla on Memorial day and flew into Chicago on the 26th if May. The following Monday I went to Carbondale for a week. Then I was back in Antioch for a week, then off to the east coast for 2 weeks. I was then back in Antioch for about 5 days. I flew to Anchorage on the 3rd of July for a week and a half. I was then back in Antioch for 4 days before heading off to Missouri. After returning back from Missouri there were two weeks left of my vacation. The first weekend in August I drove down to Belleville to see a friend. I left Illinois on the 10th of August and flew back to Anchorage. I was in Anchorage till the 20th when I came back to Metlakatla. I did a lot of traveling. It was a great summer.