Sunday, September 26, 2010

I think I'm crazy

This week has been a little crazy. It seems that my run of one more thing with the bank finally ended (Wednesday). Then I was scheduled to close on Thursday. The bank was having telecommunication issues. Lame. Finally Friday I closed on my house. It seemed like that took forever. We closed a week late and it was a frustrating experience leading up to closing. I've been moving in this weekend. It took us a large part of yesterday and several hours today to get everything moved to the house. Now it's time to unpack. Yuck!! Why do I own so much stuff?
I've debating if I want a roommate. I'm not sure yet. I figure after I get settled I'll have a better handle on it. It's so weird having my own room (let alone my own house) after sleeping on a couch for months. I don't know what to do with myself. I currently don't have tv or internet in my house, but I'll get there (eventually). My tv and blueray player are still at Bryan and Anthony's apartment. It will be there for a little bit. I figure I can always go watch tv there and borrow their internet. Now I just need to finish unpacking, grocery shop, buy curtains, and get settled, on top of working my full time job. Joy. It'll be great.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apparenlty I'm bad at keeping up at this

Happy Sunday Morning!!

Sorry it's been so long since I updated this. Here is the run down.

August 12th was the first day of inservice. The 18th was the first day with students. It's been a wild ride. I teach 5 periods of band. 3 of those are beginning band. There are times that it is less stressful than my last job. Probably a lot of times. It's been fun. There are times it is very trying but we are getting through it. Overall I'm enjoying it a lot.

I'm buying a house. That has been an insane process. I was supposed to sign on Thursday but there was some last thing that the bank needed, which seems to be the norm. Now it looks like I'm signing tomorrow. That means it gets recorded on Tuesday and I can officially move in. I'm excited. It will be great. I'm excited to be in my own place and paint and all the other things that go with it. It's an 1100 square foot house. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath.

I've done some work on both of the boys cars. We done spark plugs and wires on Anthony and Bryan's cars. I'm a little banged up and scraped up but that comes with the territory. I really have missed working on cars.

Life is good. I wish I had more exciting adventures but life has been a little stressful between the house and everything else. I can't complain though it's all looking good.