Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last quarter of the 2009/2010 school year

Where has the school year gone? I can't believe there are only 8 1/2 weeks left to the school year. I have so much to get done. I have Music Fest, the Spring Concert, my multicultural education class, packing, finding a job, finishing out the rest of the school year, etc. All in about two months.
March has been a busy month. I've traveled most of it. It's nice to spend some time at home. April is going to be the last big push to get things ready. Music Fest is the 22nd-24th and then it's about a week till the Spring Concert. It should all work.....I hope.
There continues to be way too much drama at school. Last week tenure teachers finally got their contracts. Non-tenure still haven't. The rumor I've heard is that they will offer them after the next board meeting which is I think the 3rd week in April. I'm really hoping to have found a new job by then. This school year has really left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm ready for the end of May. (well sort of).
I've applied for a job in Anchorage. They called me this week. I have a performance review to pass before they continue with the application process. I need to prepare a tuba piece, a vocal piece, and then practice some piano. It's going to be interesting. I get to do this all over the phone. They will email me the piano thing right before I have to play it. The piano part of this is the only part that actually makes some sense to me. I don't totally see how my own performance skills on my main instrument and voice actually shows what kind of teacher I am. I have no problem going through this hoop, I can play my instrument and sing a song. My piano skills are getting better, I just need to practice more. So much to do.
Well off to have a couple really long days. Today and tomorrow are parent teacher conferences. There isn't really anytime to go home between either. We'll see how these go.
I'm off to get ready for the day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's been too long

So, I apologize for neglecting my blog this past month but I've been busier than can be. I've spent 2 days home so far for the entire month of March. I'm finally home from some of my travels. It's been a wild ride but fun. We had the regional basketball tournament at the beginning of the month up in Sitka. I was then home for about 2 days and then left for spring break. I got home today. It feels like all I've been is busy. I have about a month until Music Festival and then about a week after that is the spring concert. Crazy. Time flies.
I'm trying to think what is worth recapping. The pep band rocked out at Regionals. I think we played at about 13 games. (This is what I get for having my kids play for 3 schools including our own). Heck there would've been 2 more games to that list but I took pity on them. The day we left John, the Sitka director, made breakfast for the directors. Four of us showed up. It was fun and the food was good.
Spring break was nice. It was great to see my family. Lots of good food. I went and talked to my cousin Mackay's class. She's in 4th grade. I talked about Alaska. It was really fun. I finally saw Avatar and the Princess and the Frog. I did some shopping and shipped stuff up to me. I had a good time but it felt kinda hectic. I enjoyed going up to the spice store and going grocery shopping with my dad. I dislike the clothes shopping I did but I needed some clothes that fit so it was more out of necessity. I got to see my little brother's new dog. He got a basset hound named Missy. She's adorable. He adores her and she really likes him. It's a good fit.
I've applied for some jobs for next school year, all in Alaska. I'm just going to go where I'm supposed to go.
Well, the time changes are still messing with me so I think I'm going to get some shut eye. Happy spring!!