Sunday, February 15, 2009

a few pics.

Tie Dye shirts. Aren't they awesome.
My ankle. It's more black and blue now.
I love my black eye, it also looks worse now too.

Never a dull moment...

Oh where to begin...

We still don't have our regular ferry back. It's been two weeks. Oh well. Today was our last home basketball game. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! School is going well. Two weekends off till Regionals.
Well Thursday the 5th we tie dyed shirts in band class. Yay pep band shirts. It was fun. I think all the students had fun and the shirts turned out well. We're going to do it again soon. I can't say it's the most educationally sound thing I've ever done, but it's a nice change of pace. They've been the talk of the town. It seems like everyone wants one. I'm not going to complain. Saturday the 7th we did a 50/50 raffle and raised over $600, which half of that we got to keep. We're going to order some music, I think. Oh we also had another inservice day that day too so I was at school from 7:30AM till 10ish PM. Long day
This week was pretty uneventful until Friday. I took a "sick" day on Tuesday. It was nice to have a break. I had ideas of things I was going to get done. I didn't do any of them. Oh well. Friday was exciting though. I was walking back to my classroom from the high school and I hit a patch of loose gravel. I proceeded to sprain my ankle and go plummeting head first to the ground. I landed ever so not gracefully. Luckily no one saw me. I skinned a knee and elbow, scrapped up a hand, and hit my cheek on the ground. I now have a black eye from the impact on my face. I proceeded to get back up and go to my classroom. I didn't fill out the accident report until the end of the day. They made me go to the clinic. All that accomplished was getting me poked and telling me I didn't break anything. No xrays. No real checking to make sure I didn't do anything worse. I didn't have a black eye when I went in there but I certainly do now. It happens. I might have to go back because my principals are worried that it looks so bad. All I have to say is I'm talented.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Absolutely Hilarious...sort of

From the high school doors. Thanks Nicole
Up closer. Thanks again Nicole

Well it's been another fun week here in the middle of nowhere, or at least an interesting one. Now school hasn't been really exciting expect that Monday I found out that I was getting observed the next day. This wouldn't be too bad except it's my worst class. Luckily they were well behaved. I got a good evaluation. I have another one this coming week, but it'll be the high school band.
Pep band has been pretty good. We're sounding decent and are having a good number of students show up. I even ordered the pep band shirts. I've also applied for some grants. I can hope we get some money.
Friday was an exciting day as shown by the pictures above. Thursday night / early Friday we had high winds with gust over 80 mph. About 1AM while the police were making their rounds, they noticed that the ferry wasn't there. The line had snapped and it was going out to sea. It grounded on a small rocky island in the bay. You could see it from the school. By the time school started, the entire district was buzzing about the ferry. Finally just before high tide they got the ferry off the rocks, with the help of some tug boats. Needless to say we are without the regular ferry for awhile. They towed it into Ketchikan so that it can be repaired. Now we are down to one ferry run a day by the inter island ferry. So if you want to leave you have to spend the night in Ketchikan and take the ferry back the next day. Hopefully they get the ferry fixed soon. It's not like I have any plans for leaving the island anytime too soon. I still have two more weekends of basketball games. It's always an adventure here.