Thursday, February 17, 2011

something like life

There are times in life when you can’t seem to get it right, but of course you can’t explain why you can’t get it right. There seems to be far too much of that in my life. Of course there seems to be a lot of times when I wonder what in the world is going on. There are also those moments when it feels like the enitre world is stacked against me and no matter what I do, it just puts me farther behind. Oh well, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, or just harder to live with. I really can be ornery. There isn’t much that I can do about that.

My bathroom project still isn’t done yet but I’ve been so busy or so tired that it’s hard to finish that. I need to get it done before I have a roommate taking over my bathroom. I have the Durock up around the tub. I just need to hang the green board (well and mud and tape it), put up the tub surround, and paint. It’s not hard, it just takes time.

This weekend I’ll be in Illinois. I need a new phone, an eye exam, and a haircut. Oh, and I need to buy some new clothes and something more formal looking for concerts. Lots to do on my four day weekend. Yesterday and today have been parent-teacher conferences. I haven’t had as many parents as last time but I’ve still seen a good amount. I am however looking forward to getting on the plane tonight.

Well since I started this, I had a whole slew of parents come in. Still not as many as first conference but it's alright.