Saturday, March 30, 2013

At times too busy

I have been remiss on updating my blog. I apologize. Life has been kind of busy. As my last post indicated, I started working for the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA). They are the people that regulate the utilities and the pipeline. I'm having a great time working there. It's also a bit of a change to be so appreciated. I have taken the RCA by storm. I've gotten a lot done in my four and a half months there. My supervisor is very impressed. I've tackled several really big projects and completed them. My supervisor actually took a vacation this year because she had that much confidence in my abilities. This is the first real vacation she has taken in her 5 years at the RCA. She was gone for two weeks. I'm glad that she was able to do it. I however finished all the projects she gave me in the first week. I then had to ask our boss for projects. He was caught off guard that I had accomplished so much. I got loaned to other departments to help complete some of their projects. I also found projects for myself to do (my supervisor appreciates this). My only wish is that the job paid better. Money has been really tight. Bryan got a second job. This one is full time. He is still working at UPS as well. So now he works 8 hours during the day and works his 3 or 4 hours a night at UPS. It makes him good and tired but we should be a little better off financially. My goal is to no longer have roommates when our current roommates' lease is up. I'm done living with people. I'm fine living with Bryan, although I've already told him that he can decide soon if we are going to get married or if we are going to split up. We've been together long enough that he can figure it out. We've known each other for a little over 4 years and been a couple a total of 3 years. We've had a couple conversations about this. He's a really good man. I'd rather not split up but I'm not going to wait around forever. I finished school about 2 weeks ago. It's nice to be done with that. I can actually read for fun again. I graduated with my paralegal certificate. The weather can't decide if it is going to be spring or winter. We got about 18 inches of snow on Monday. I was in Illinois for that but it was interesting to come home to. I had a very whirlwind trip to Illinois. It was super busy. Life has been really busy but things are going pretty well.