Thursday, April 19, 2012

A lot going on

Well I can't say it hasn't been an eventful month. (and it isn't over yet). It's a busy time in the life of a music teacher. I have 3 more concerts left, I've already had one this month. I have one tomorrow, one on the 26th, and one on May 3rd. Not to mention that I need to be at the orchestra and choir concert to help supervise students. That makes 5 concerts I have to attend, 2 have to conduct.
I have other stuff going on too but that's not really for on here. Don't worry, I'm doing alright.
Well the snow is rapidly melting. I can't believe that so much of it is gone. We have considerably less than we did. IF you didn't hear we broke the all time snow record for Anchorage. I wish it had been by more but I'll take it. Lately the temperature has been about 50 degrees and it's been sunny. Not a bad April.

I'll write more later. Have an awesome weekend blog readers.