Monday, February 1, 2010

Wait, it's February?

When did that happen? Now hopefully February goes as quickly as January did. I can't believe how busy I've seemed to be and I still have so much to do. I better get cracking.
This last week has been a great week for food. I've made enchiladas, baked ziti, homemade pizza, sweet and sour chicken, and spare ribs. Tonight it's breakfast for dinner, mmmmmm biscuits and gravy. I've also done my fair of kid watching the last couple weeks. It's been fun.
Work is still there and keeping my occupied. I wish I had a great story, but I don't. I have the next two weekends off from basketball. Then it's two more weekends of games and then Regionals. After that it's like a week of school and then spring break. Wow that's soon.
This school year has gone by quickly. Now I just need to finish up some homework and I'll be good.