Saturday, July 7, 2012

A bit of an update

I know things have been a little quite on the blog end here, sorry. I've decided that some of the most recent things should be kept off the internet. Well then there was a bit that I was without internet. Regardless, here is the update you've been waiting for. Well I am currently unemployed. Things didn't work out at my last school and honestly, there isn't a lot of love lost there. You come across people in life who just don't like you. So I've been applying for jobs. My intention is to stay in Anchorage since I have a house. I've been plotting my next steps and looking for work. My unemployment is messed up at the moment so I'm not collecting that so suffice it to say, money is really tight. But I'll make it, I always do. My parents came up to visit for over a week back in June. We went and did some cool stuff. My dad decided to wipe out on my bike and fracture part of his arm (that they can't cast). So that really cut down on our outdoor plans that we had made. No fishing or bike riding for him. We did get to take the train and my parents enjoyed that. My dad and I did part of the planet walk. My parents slept out in a tent in my backyard cause my house is quite full. I currently have 5 people living in my house, but more on that in a bit. Overall it was a nice visit. About 4 days after my parents left, Bryan's family came in to town. Some of them for just one night and some of them for 3 nights. I can honestly say that 10 people in my 3 bedroom house is way too many. *Quick side note. Currently there are 5 people in my house. It's me and Bryan, our roommate Carol, and the twins Maz and Seth. The twins are only here for the summer. Carol is possibly moving at the end of this month. So by the end of August it will just be Bryan and me again (I think, but I really don't know). So with Bryan's family in town it was multiple trips to the airport and driving the guys out to scout camp in Palmer. It also meant retrieving them and more trips to the airport. All I can say is that there really needed to be better communication. Next week my good friend Tasha is coming up from Wrangell to go car shopping. She is going to come stay with us. :) Well now that I have some of that caught up, I can tell you about my road trip that Bryan and I took at the end of May/beginning of June. I guess I should start at the beginning. Bryan works at UPS and our facility is out at the airport. When he went to go get his badging stuff done, customs told him there was a flag on his background check and he needed to get it taken care of. Well surprise, that flag was a 5 year old warrant from Utah, that we didn't know about. So Bryan flew down to Utah in April to turn himself in and get it taken care of. Well after they moved his court date, to a month after it was supposed to be. I bailed him out and we made plans to go back down on his court date. So towards the end of May we flew down to Denver to go visit with his sisters for a couple of days. Then we drove in our rental car (that I disliked) to Salt Lake to wait for court. Originally he was supposed to be in court on his birthday but since he wasn't sitting in the jail they moved it to the day after. We wandered around Salt Lake on his birthday and drove down to Provo to have lunch with a friend. On May 31st we went to court. We sat there for better than an hour before the public defender said anything to us. She explained that she had just gotten his file and needed to look over it. She also said that she suggested we get the court date moved for a couple weeks later. We explained that we had flown down from Alaska for this and she said she'd see what we could do that day. It was probably about another hour before she came to see us again. Bryan went out in the hall to discuss everything with her. He explained the whole situation about how there hadn't been any charges filed while he was still in the state (cause in Utah they have 4 years to file charges) and that he had notified that court that he was leaving for Alaska and that he was never notified of the charges or the warrant. So they came back in and the public defender got some more information and talked to the district attorney. While they were talking, Bryan and I were talking and he mentioned that since they didn't do their job that it the public defender thought it would be best to fight the charges. Well after some time and the lawyers talking it was finally Bryan's turn to stand in front of the judge. (While they lawyers had been talking and looking over a previous transcript the word dismissal had gotten tossed around). Well Bryan stood before the judge and the district attorney recommended that the charges get dismissed. The public defender stated the why dismissal was appropriate. The judge dismissed all the charges. It was a better outcome than what we could've expected. We got all the paperwork while we were there and got back on the road. Of course there were multiple texts and phone calls made to let everyone know the good news. We drove down to Parowan to see our friend Cara. We spent the night down there and had a great time hanging out with her family. We then drove to Hoover Dam and then back to Las Vegas, where we stayed at the Stratosphere. All I can say is that I am not a fan of 115 degrees. We had a good time. Next we drove to the Grand Canyon. After about a day there we drove back to Colorado so that we could be there for Bryan's cousin's wedding. It was a nice wedding. Finally Tuesday June 5th we left Denver and got home Wednesday the 6th. My parents came in on the 10th so there wasn't a lot of downtime. It seems to be just a busy, busy summer right now but it's kinda mellowed out. Thankfully Bryan still has his job and things have started to return to normal. Hopefully I will find a job soon. Till then it's more applications and spending time outside walking and hiking. Bryan and I went hiking on the 4th and I think I strained the muscles in my calves. I'm sore but I still get out and go walking with the boys. Till next time. Happy summer and stay cool.