Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sitting in the quiet, enjoying the peace

Although I live alone, there doesn't seem like there are a lot of times that I just enjoy the peace and quiet of my house in the morning. Perhaps it's because so often I'm getting ready for work or to go somewhere. It's so peaceful here this morning, just like a Sunday morning should be.
The past couple of weeks have had a lot of ups and downs. Beth came to visit, Anthony moved, Maz and Seth left for the holidays, and work has been a new adventure everyday. Not to mention every other aspect of life. This past week seemed a little rougher than usual. I'm not sure totally why but it was. A lot of long days. The upside is that I spent some time with Bryan, who in an attempt to cheer me up after a really rough day on Monday gave me my Christmas present. I feel awful that I wasn't more excited about it on Monday but I just felt so emotionally drained that it was hard to do anything other than be blah and occasionally cry. Of course since then I have told him about a zillion times how much I've liked it. Every time I go into my garage I smile, I'm still so excited about it.
In other news we've had tons of snow. I'm not a huge fan of the shoveling part but I still enjoy the snow. I've lost track of how much snow has fallen.
Well I'm off to make breakfast and have a great day.

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