Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One week till the concert

It's one week till the concert and are we ready for it? NO. Am I worried about it? No. It'll all work out. We just keep working on it. It's been an interesting week so far in that regard. It seems like the retention is non-existent with some of the students. We just keep plugging away at it. I'm sure that things will work out fine. Kids are amazing that way.
In other news, I got an interesting phone call last night. Bristol called me and said that Melody had come over to talk to me. It was funny that Melody went to Bristol's place because she didn't know my phone number or where I lived. Melody needed to call me because the community choir is singing Little Drummer Boy and they needed my help. They specifically needed my instrument. (This is exactly what she said to me) Obviously no one remembers that it's called a tuba. So I went up to Duncan Church last night with my tuba and played the bass part. Then I got asked if I could sing the bass part for another song. I know that I speak in my chest voice but why does everyone assume that I sing really low. I can hit most of any bass part so I sang bass for a piece. It's fun being the music teacher....really. I'm still laughing that they called me.

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Tasha said...

This kind of stuff happens all the time with me too.
We had our concert last Monday. It went well, and I can't wait for the Elementary concert to be over. (Wednesday).

Happy Holidays Becki!