Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm done!!! Both concerts are done and they both went really well. Yesterday was the high school/middle school concert. It was great. Tonight was the elementary concert, it was also great. We had a huge turnout. It was awesome. I thinking I'm running out of words to describe how well they went. There were lots of compliments on both concerts. It's nice to be done with them. Now I just have a day and a half of school to get through and then I'll be on my way to Illinois for two weeks. Woohoo.

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Tasha said...

I'm glad that your concerts went well. Mine were both successful as well. I am very proud of myself for a lack of my own words. I got such compliments as, "Are you SURE you are only a FIRST YEAR TEACHER?!?" That one made me feel REALLY good! I'm glad that you get to go home for 2 weeks. (Jealous!) Anyway, I found all of my cords and cards, so I am going to upload Haines snow pictures!
Talk to you soon!