Saturday, November 14, 2009

Too much travel

What a busy week. I flew to Anchorage on Saturday and had a great time. Rikki and I went to Village Inn, where Bryan works, to celebrate Cara's birthday. We had a good time. Then we wandered around Anchorage some. It was fun. Sunday I went to church while Bryan slept. I made a few contacts, they hope I move to Anchorage. Monday I ran a couple errands and took a nap. When Bryan was up we went to a nice restaurant for dinner and then saw a movie. It was a nice date. Then we wandered around some and then got donuts. The donut place is a 24 hour shop and the donuts are good. On the way back to his apartment we saw a moose strolling down the sidewalk going the opposite direction as us. I didn't notice until Bryan shouted "Moose". Tuesday was pretty laid back as well. It was just nice hanging out with Bryan.
Wednesday morning I left of Chicago. I went out to dinner with my parents and friend Beth. Mmmm Red Robin. Thursday, Friday, and today were spent at the National Orff Conference in Milwaukee. I had a great time. I can't begin to describe how fun it was. I'm currently sitting at the airport waiting to board the plane to go back to Anchorage. I should arrive there about 10:15PM, which is 1:15AM Central time. I've been up since 6AM (CST) so I'm hoping to sleep on the plane. I depart Anchorage tomorrow morning at 8AM, so I will probably be getting up about 6:30AM. I don't get into Ketchikan until about 1PM and the ferry leaves at 4:30PM. By the time I get to Metlakatla, it will be 7PM. That includes one more time change. What an exhausting amount of travel. I might be asleep by 7:30PM tomorrow night. I'm exhausted now. Nothing like going home tired and then having to teach right when I get back. Oh well, that's how it goes.

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