Friday, October 30, 2009

Another week about over

The 1st quarter of school ended yesterday. Today is an inservice day. :( I'm not really excited. We are doing something with curriculum mapping, I think. I don't know. No one really knows what we're doing. It seems to be the story of my life, well as far as school is concerned. It's been the goofiest month. I have had a week free of run-ins with the principal. That's a nice thing, even if I do hold my breath every time my classroom door opens. Life isn't fun when you have a bully for an administrator. I don't really feel like the superintendent is doing that great a job either. Oh well. 1/4 of the school year is over with. I'm so glad. I've started my job search for next year. I'm looking for a music job in Alaska. It'll be easier for me to move within Alaska than moving back to the lower 48. I'd like to stay in Southeast, but we'll see what happens. My boyfriend has mentioned several times that I could move to Anchorage, which is where he is. I wouldn't really mind that. It would be nice to see him more often, seeing him every three months has it's challenges. I've concluded that no matter what happens next year, I'll be fine. I'm either going to find a music job and work full-time, or sub/drive a bus and go to grad school. Regardless of what I do, I'll make it.
In non work related news, sort of, it's another frying Friday. My parents bought me a deep fryer for my birthday. Last Friday Jodie, the new high school english teacher, and I deep fried halibut and homemade french fries. It was totally awesome. The deep fryer is probably the BEST GIFT EVER!!! (I probably said that about my KitchenAid when I got that). So we are going to deep fry some food again tonight. There is nothing more stress relieving (at the moment) then cranking up the music and deep frying some stuff. Jodie and I had an awesome time last Friday and I'm sure we'll have a good time this today. I love good food and good company.
One last note about work (I feel that work is mostly tri-tones, sorry music nerd alert) my student did make it to Honors Festival. I'm pretty sure she had a good time. From what I hear everything went well, but everyone noticed that I wasn't there.
I'm off to go work on grades and sit in inservice.

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