Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 6

Today was our first full day on the ferry. I woke up at about 5 AM Alaskan time which is 8 AM CST. I got up this morning and went outside and took pictures. I have taken lots of pictures on this trip. I will try to get them all posted soon. The coastal mountains are gorgeous. This ferry ride makes up for all the less than interesting scenery along the way. We had some rough waters on our second open ocean passing. I fell asleep and proceeded to sleep through it, so did my mother. Otherwise it has been pretty smooth sailing. Mom is obviously bored because she keeps buying snacks or games to play. I've slept, listened to music, or knitted. My little brother's afghan is coming along well. It's about 6 feet wide, maybe wider, and he wants it almost 8 feet long. So I have 7 feet to go. It has also rained today. Currently we are sailing along through some fog, and lots of it. The trip has gotten foggier as we have gone along.

We have sailed through several straits and seen great waterfalls. This morning we also saw whales. The most of the whales that we saw were the tail. We also saw blow holes. It was probably the most exciting thing that has happened on the boat that they made an announcement about. Unless you count the presentations on how to be aware with bears.

In the morning we will get into port in Ketchikan, or Ketch-a-chicken as many of my friends have called it. We should arrive in port at 7 AM. We will then get the truck off the boat and make a run to walmart before catching the next ferry. The ferry from Ketchikan to Metlakatla leaves at 10:30 AM but we have to be there two hours early. So if we are lucky we will get about an hour away from the ferry docks. We'll see what happens.

Mom has talked to a lot of people while we have been on this trip. You know how your parents always told you not to talk to strangers as you were growing up? That didn't work really well with my parents because they talked and still talk to anyone, so growing up it was hard to tell who the strangers were. We have met a lot of nice people on this trip.

Well we have a busy day tomorrow and bed is calling my name. I will post again as soon as I have internet access again. Thank goodness for wireless on the ferry.

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