Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Everybody dies famous in a small town

So I stole the title from a country song, but I really believe it's true. It's the beginning of week two. Woohoo!
I walked to the ferry to go to church on Sunday. It's a two mile walk. I got a lot of strange looks, but I had a great time. Then I got to sit on the ferry for an hour and a half. Not too interesting but I talked to a few people. The salmon were swimming next to the ferry. That was cool. I got off the ferry and started my hike to church. It's probably about a mile from the ferry stop and it's literally a hike. It's uphill both ways. The hills are like the hills in San Francisco only the roads aren't that long. So needless to say it was a pretty steep hike. Luckily there's a boardwalk for part of one of the streets. I'm not sure that stairs are better but it does make the hills more bearable. I got there a few minutes before church started. This may sound slightly sac religious, but if you added a bear pelt and a couple moose or deer heads on the wall it would've looked like a hunting lodge. I've never been in a chapel that was wall to wall wood. The upholstery on the benches was green, like I said hunting lodge like. The people were really nice. They sing really loud too. It was awesome. After church I went to a really nice couple's home for lunch and to hang out till it was time to go to the ferry. We had a pasta salad, biscuits, and salmon. Yes, I had fish and it's was pretty good. When I got back on the ferry I ran into a family from church. We talked the entire ride back. They even gave me a ride home. We exchanged phone numbers. Yay for making friends.
Yesterday it rained and rained and rained some more. I still didn't have cable and it'd been a week. Well it turns out that they went to the wrong house. They came and fixed it today. I finally have cable and I signed up for netflix. I have 40 channels and there isn't much to watch. I still have a few boxes left to unpack. Not real interesting but necessary. I think it's raining again. It's done that on and off today. Well it is a rain forest. The scenery is still great. I can't say that there is too much exciting is going on but maybe tomorrow I will go explore more.

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